Société Nautique de Marseille
Being a member of the Société Nautique de Marseille
Commitments as a La Nautique member

The Société Nautique carries out its work with the voluntary participation of its members. In this respect, all members agree to share the values and life of the association.

As a member of the Société Nautique, you are your club's ambassador, you wear its colors, participate in its activities, protect the sea and the environment and make it a rule to be friendly.

As a member of La Nautique, you are responsible for ensuring the maintenance of your boat, paying your subscriptions and fees in due time and for moving your boat when requested and in the general interest.

Société nautique de Marseille - SNM The Société Nautique de Marseille is made up of contractual members and active members as well as members of honor, called "members".

Contractual members
Owners or majority co-owners of a yacht or motor boat holding a contract covering temporary occupation of a tract of water within the perimeter of the Marseilles Vieux Port and which is managed under delegation by the Société Nautique.

Active members
Owners of classic boats or racing boats under contract with the Société Nautique classic yacht section or race section. This contract commits you to taking part in a certain number of regattas during the year.

To become a contractual member or active member you need to be introduced to the Société Nautique administrative committee, be proposed by two members of the club and be approved by the Executive Committee.

Members of honor
Those who have been members for at least twenty years and held at least two elected offices in the association.

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