Société Nautique de Marseille
The SNM today

Key figures

• SNM members
539 members made up of
405 contractual members and
115 supporters and
13 active members.

• Boats managed by the DSP2 (Public Service Delegation)
543 boats made up of
311 yachts,
229 motor boats
and 3 catamarans.

• Personnel
10 employees

Société nautique de MarseilleThe Société Nautique de Marseille (SNM), located in the heart of the Vieux Port, has, from its outset in 1887, been built around three core activities: the organization of regattas and nautical-based events, the management of berths and the sailing school.

The SNM, an association governed by the French law of July 1,1901, was state-approved in 1932, Youth and Sports approved in 1949, and is affiliated with the French Sailing Federation.

The SNM is allied with the oldest French clubs such as the Yacht Club de France and is twinned with prestigious foreign clubs.

It has been managing approximately 564 berths as a Public Service Delegate from January 1, 2007.

2015 and 2016 : The objective of both the Board of Trustees and its President is to maintain the momentum which resulted in SNM's position as number two in the French Sailing Federation club classification in 2009 and in the UNCL (National Union for Offshore Racing) award for the top IRC French club in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

This energy can be seen in the yearly organization of around ten races and by the support given to the development of the Classic Yachts Section and the Race Section.

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