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Pavillon de la Société Nautique de Marseille en 2009

March 05, 1898
The President, Mr. Granval, proposed the construction of a floating wooden club house (35 x 10 meters) for a cost of 53,000 Francs to SNM members gathered at a General Meeting. The proposal went through with 48 votes for, 13 votes against and an uncompleted voting paper. Revertégat, specialists in ship woodwork, were awarded the contract and work started immediately with the authorization of the all-powerful Compagnie des Docks, in the inner harbor of the North dry dock, then called "the lake". The work was supervised by Mr. Vence, an inspector from Lloyd’s and Mr. Boisevain, an inspector from Bureau Veritas. Canon Gambert christened the club house. Originally only the ground floor was fitted out and the upper floor was simply a deck covered by a canopy. It quickly appeared opportune to permanently enclose this area and use this precious space for lounges. Fretwork in the period style was also added. The Pavillon Flottant club house, moored at the Quai des Belges quay since it was built, was moved to the landing stages in front of the Town Hall in 1936 when work to enlarge the quai du Port quay in 1938 made this move necessary. To avoid being moved twice, the club house took its current position on the Quai de Rive Neuve quay and the extended and restored landing stages were also transferred along with all the moorings with the help of the Ponts-et-Chaussées technical corps. In 1909, a prosperous situation meant that the President, Mr. Cyprien-Fabre, could pay off the cost of the club house.

January 31, 1957
The Pavillon Flottant club house was destroyed by fire. This was a real disaster for all the members and the pile of burnt sails caused great sadness. Adequately insured, the club house took shape again under the architect, André DEVIN. During this period the club house left its usual mooring place every year on July 14 for the organization of traditional water jousts. In 1900 it sailed across the bay to the Estaque port to give an added sparkle to the brilliant celebrations being held there. Although this voyage was successful it was considered prudent to not repeat it. Now the club house only leaves its mooring place once every ten years for the refit operations in the Radoub dry dock. This was the case in 1914, 1930, 1957, 1965, 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2007.

At a General Meeting the President, Jean-Pierre ROUBAUD, proposed the restoration of the interior of the club house. This was completed in 1992 and the club house is now equipped with modern, comfortable facilities designed by Mr. SUBRAN, with the work carried out by Société Phocéenne des Travaux.

Listed in the supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments.

Below the club house during its renovation in the summer of 2007.

The Société Nautique de Marseille club house

The Société Nautique de Marseille club house

The Société Nautique de Marseille club house

The Société Nautique de Marseille club house

The Société Nautique de Marseille club house

History of the SNM
La société Nautique de Marseille antan

February 12, 1887 Creation of Société Nautique de Marseille by a group of racers from the Société des Régates Marseillaises which had been set up in 1862, with the management of two landing stages.

March 13, 1887 First regatta organized by SNM and won by Alcyon, Mr. Emilien Rocca’s Gunter-rigged yacht.

1896 The Ponts et Chaussées administration granted a Public Land concession in the Anse du Pharo cove for a permanent slipway for yachts.

January 19, 1897 Creation of a rowing section which, with the rental of the Roucas Blanc baths, gave rise to the La Pelle club.

1898 Construction of the "Pavillon Flottant", the floating club house.
January 15, 1899 The Pavillon Flottant club house was delivered and took its place on the Quai de la Fraternité quay.

October 1899 To mark Marseilles’ 2,500th anniversary, the Pavillon Flottant club house sailed out of the Vieux Port at the head of a procession of numerous boats.

1900 Launch of a competition to create a one-design off-shore racing boat. The competition was won by Léon SIBILLE with a 6.0 m boat.

1904 SNM and its members participated in the founding of the Société des Oeuvres de Mer de la Méditerranée to help the latter create a home for retired sailors and an orphanage for sailors' children. The COURBET school was founded with the vocation to train marine wards in sea-related trades.

1910 SNM became involved in environmental protection and started a petition to save the Port Miou calanque which was under threat from the activities of a quarry.

1911 SNM joined the Union des Sociétés Nautiques de Méditerranée.

1914 First careening operation on the Pavillon Flottant club house.

March 2, 1932 SNM became an Association recognized as being of public utility.

1936 Organization of the Star Class European Championship.
The Pavillon Flottant club house joined the landing stages and boats on the Quai du Port quay.

1938 The Pavillon Flottant club house moved from the Quai du Port quay to the Quai de Rive Neuve quay and was granted the management of two additional landing stages.

1939 Organization of first international spring regattas.

June 4, 1944 Club house requisitioned by social services for workers in Germany.

End of 1945 End of requisition of the club house.

1948 Creation of the Vire Vire regatta, formerly known as the Carrousel.

1952 Participation of Chabert/Dauris in the Helsinki Olympic games in the Star class.

1959 Organization of the Star Class International Championship.

La société Nautique de Marseille antan

1961 Organization of the Shark Class Mediterranean Championship.

1964 Organization of the Star Class European Championship.

1966 Creation of the Mediterranean International Nautical Week (SNIM).

1973 SNM backed Baron Bich’s America’s Cup Challenge, with André Mauric as architect.

1975 Organization of the Marseilles/Algiers/Marseilles off-shore race.

1976 Organization of the One Ton Cup.

1977 Loss of the AIREL and its crew during a SNIM regatta.

1981 Organization of the Quarter Ton Cup.

1985 SNM backed Y Pajot’s America’s Cup Challenge.

1992 Organization of the "Objectif Barcelone 92" offshore race: Imperia-Marseilles-arrival at Barcelona for the opening of the Olympic games.

1994 Organization of the One Ton Cup.

1997 Organization of the Mumm World Championship.

1999 Creation of the André Mauric trophy. SNM’s records and works made available to the public with the creation of the André Mauric library.

2000 Organization of the One Ton Cup.

2001 Organization of the 8 M JI World Championship.

2004 Creation of the Sailing School with Florence Arthaud as patron.
In july, Participation of Ingrid Petitjean/Nadège Douroux in the Athens Olympic Games in the 470 female class.

2006 Acquisition of property at 23, Quai de Rive Neuve.

2007 1st of january, granted a Public Service Delegation (DSP2) for the management of the tract of water with three additional landing stages to be managed.
In august, the Pavillon Flottant club house was listed in the supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments.
In september, organizer club of the Commodores’ Forum (bringing together 25 foreign clubs from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, etc.).

May 2008 In may, victory for Jean-Paul Mouren in the the AG2R transatlantic crossing.
In june, participation in the Quingdao Olympic Games with Ingrid Petitjean.
November 12: Creation of a Classic Yachts Section.
December 18: Inauguration of the "Espace Nautique".

May 2, 2009 Creation of the "Calanques Classic" regatta to spotlight the floating heritage of the Société Nautique Classic Yacht Section and the calanques natural heritage site.

2010 Architectural lighting of the Pavillon Flottant club house.

2011 Creation of a Race Section.

2011, 2012 and 2013 SNM top IRC French club.

2012 Olivier Backes, F18 sport catamaran world champion.

2013 Publication of the book on 125 years of Société Nautique de Marseille written by Maurice Dessemond.
September: Organization of the 15 M JI challenge.

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