Société Nautique de Marseille
Visitor facilities
Guard service 24 hours, 7 days a week
Secretary's office Open 9:00 to 12:30 and 13:45 to 18:00. Outside these hours you can contact the guards
VHF contact Channel 60
Sanitary block (showers, toilets) On the side of the club house
Water/Electricity on the landing stages 220V – 16 A - Drinking water
Weather forecast Two screens giving the weather forecast are situated at the entrance to the Pavillon Flottant club house
Collection of sanitary waste water/household waste water Pump situated on the side of the club house
Selective waste sorting Oil, batteries, paper, glass... on the quay
Dry dock 4.5 T and 13 T boat lifting equipment. Reserved for users of the DSP2, can be made available in case of an emergency according to availability
Mast stepping A mast stepping winch is located on the side of the club house
Wifi Contact us
Fuel Before leaving the Vieux Port on the right side
Ship chandlers, mechanics, sailmakers, etc. Opposite the quay
Businesses, shops 10 mins walk (Rue Sainte and Rue Paradis area, refer to map)
Self-service laundry 10 mins walk - 102 Rue Sainte (refer to No. 2 on map)
Baker's, grocer's 5 mins walk - Rue Sainte (refer to No. 3 on map)
Railway station 10 mins by subway (refer to No. 4 on map)
Tourist information office 10 mins walk, Canebière (refer to No. 5 on map)

In the heart of the Vieux Port, Société Nautique de Marseille welcomes you to a safe and friendly club environment, for a pleasant stay in the former Phocean city, rich in cultural visits. Close to all local shops and services, its special location will facilitate your stay.

Headquarters and club house

Situated in the heart of Marseilles, in the Vieux Port, on the 115 year old emblematic Pavillon Flottant club house. This wooden building is listed in the Inventory of Historical Monuments since 2007.
The reception, offices and guard service are located on the ground floor of the Pavillon Flottant club house.
A lounge, bar and restaurant with panoramic views on the first floor are the ideal location for relaxing in an exceptional setting.


Berths: 554.
5 m to 20 m boats, 5 meter draft maximum, mooring to lines.
A specific pontoon for visitors at the end of landing stage No. 3 of the Pavillon Flottant club house, facing prevailing winds allows you to easily dock while awaiting the assignment of a berth by our agents.

Reception and formalities

On your arrival: Please give the original copy of the deed of ownership of your boat or failing this your identity card or passport to the guard who meets you along with your mobile phone number as a security measure.
The berth assigned to you on your arrival may be modified during your stay according to water space requirements or the return of a user.


The costs of a stay are given by the guard or secretary's office and are displayed:
2014 Visitor Prices
• Low season (01/10 to 31/03): 0.66 € all taxes included/m²/day
• High season (01/04 to 30/09): 0.93 € all taxes included/m²/day

On your departure

After payment of the costs of your stay by cheque or banker's card at the secretary's office (or with the guard if the office is closed), your papers will be returned to you. Please inform the secretary's office (or guard) if after payment and collecting your papers, your departure is postponed.

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